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12/17/22 Fall 22-23 at Sierra Canyon
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Top of inning 1
#44 Bret PotterGround out00
#12 Landon HuStrike (looking), Ball, Fly out00
#23 Josef BroscheBall, Strike (looking), Single00
#27 Aidan BuntichPickoff Attempt, Strike (looking), Ball, Pickoff Attempt, Strike (swinging), Pickoff Attempt, Pickoff Attempt, Strikeout Swinging00
Bottom of inning 1
Player 1Ball, Ball, Ball, Strike (looking), Strike (looking), Strikeout Looking00
Player 2Strike (looking), Single00
Player 3Fly out00
Player 4Reached on Fielder Choice, [Player 2 Forced Out at Second]00
Top of inning 2
#25 Brett IshikawaGround out00
#9 Nolan StollBall, Foul, Strike (looking), Strikeout Swinging00
#7 Mikey MurrBall, Strike (looking), Foul, Strikeout Swinging00
Bottom of inning 2
Player 5Strike (swinging), Ball, Ball, Fly out00
Player 6Ball, Fly out00
Player 7Ball, Ball, Ball, Strike (looking), Fly out00
Top of inning 3
#33 Matthew LloydHit by Pitch00
#10 Hunter ManningFoul, Pickoff Attempt, Foul, Ball, Pickoff Attempt, Ball, [#33 Matthew Lloyd steals Second], Ball, Ball, Walk00
#44 Bret PotterFoul, Foul, Reached on Fielder Choice, [#33 Matthew Lloyd advances to Third], [#10 Hunter Manning Forced Out at Second]00
#12 Landon HuGround out, Double Play00
Bottom of inning 3
Player 8Fly out00
Player 9Ball, Strike (looking), Foul, Strikeout Looking00
Player 1Ball, Ball, Ball, Strike (looking), Foul, Ball, Walk00
Player 2Ground out00
Top of inning 4
#23 Josef BroscheFly out00
#27 Aidan BuntichStrike (looking), Ball, Fly out00
#25 Brett IshikawaBall, Ball, Single00
#9 Nolan StollStrike (looking), [#25 Brett Ishikawa Caught Stealing]00
Bottom of inning 4
Player 3Strike (looking), Fly out00
Player 4Fly out00
Player 5Strike (swinging), Ball, Strike (looking), Ball, Single00
Player 6Ball, Pickoff Attempt, Pickoff Attempt, Pickoff Attempt, Ball, Foul, Pickoff Attempt, [Player 5 steals Second], Strike (looking), Ball, Ball, Walk00
Player 7[Player 5 steals Third], Ball, Strike (swinging), [Player 5 steals Home and Scores], [Player 6 Caught Stealing]01
Top of inning 5
#9 Nolan StollFoul, Foul, Ball, Ball, Fly out01
#7 Mikey MurrBall, Foul, Single, [#7 Mikey Murr advances to First]01
#33 Matthew LloydReached on Fielder Choice, [#7 Mikey Murr Forced Out at Second]01
#10 Hunter ManningPickoff Attempt, Pickoff Attempt, Ball, Pickoff Attempt, Strike (looking), Pickoff Attempt, Balk, [#33 Matthew Lloyd advances to Second], Ball, Foul, Hit by Pitch01
#44 Bret PotterStrike (looking), Strike (swinging), Reached on Fielder Choice, [#33 Matthew Lloyd advances to Third], [#10 Hunter Manning Forced Out at Second]01
Bottom of inning 5
Player 7#99 Andrew Greenberg replaces #55 Jackson Banuelos as Pitcher, Ball, Strike (looking), Foul, Ball, Ball, Strikeout Swinging01
Player 8Ball, Ball, Strike (looking), Ball, Ball, Walk01
Player 9Strike (swinging), Strike (looking), Strikeout Swinging01
Player 1Foul, Single, [Player 8 advances to Second]01
Player 2Fly out01
Top of inning 6
#12 Landon HuFly out01
#23 Josef BroscheStrike (looking), Ball, Ball, Ground out01
#27 Aidan BuntichBall, Foul, Fly out01
Bottom of inning 6
Player 3Foul, Ball, Double01
Player 4Single, [Player 3 advances to Third]01
Player 5Strike (looking), Foul, Fly out01
Player 6Strike (looking), Strike (looking), Strikeout Swinging, [Player 4 steals Second]01
Player 7Fly out01
Top of inning 7
#25 Brett IshikawaStrike (looking), Ball, Strike (swinging), Ground out01
#9 Nolan StollStrike (swinging), Strike (looking), Strikeout Swinging01
#7 Mikey MurrFly out01
Bottom of inning 7
Player 8Single01
Player 9Strike (looking), Pickoff Attempt, Ground out, [Player 8 advances to Second]01
Player 1Ball, Strike (looking), Ball, Ball, Ball, Walk01
Player 2Reached on Fielder Choice, [Player 8 advances to Third], [Player 1 Forced Out at Second]01
Player 3Ball, [Player 2 advances to Second on Wild Pitch], Strike (looking), Fly out01
Top of inning 8
#33 Matthew LloydBall, Strike (looking), Fly out01
#10 Hunter ManningBall, Ball, Ball, Strike (looking), Strike (swinging), Ground out01
#44 Bret PotterStrike (looking), Ball, Strike (looking), Strikeout Swinging01
Bottom of inning 8
Player 4#22 Ben Cushnie replaces #99 Andrew Greenberg as Pitcher, #7 Mikey Murr replaces #27 Aidan Buntich as First Baseman, #33 Matthew Lloyd replaces #25 Brett Ishikawa as Second Baseman, #13 Ryan Shalkevich replaces #33 Matthew Lloyd as Left Fielder, #18 Ryan Oh replaces #7 Mikey Murr as Right Fielder, Foul, Ball, Ball, Strike (looking), Ball, Strikeout Looking01
Player 5Line Drive01
Player 6Foul, Strike (swinging), Ball, Ball, Foul, Ball, Strikeout Swinging01
Top of inning 9
#12 Landon HuStrike (looking), Foul, Single, [#12 Landon Hu advances to Second on error by Shortstop ]01
#23 Josef BroscheStrike (looking), Foul, Ground out01
#27 Aidan BuntichStrike (looking), Line Drive01
#25 Brett IshikawaBall, Ball, Ground out01
Bottom of inning 9
Player 7#18 Ryan Oh replaces #44 Bret Potter as Center Fielder, #13 Ashton Tsukashima replaces #18 Ryan Oh as Right Fielder, Strike (looking), Ball, Ball, Ball, Foul, Ball, Walk01
Player 8Ball, Foul, Ball, Pickoff Attempt, Balk, [Player 7 advances to Second], Ball, Foul, Strikeout Looking01
Player 9Ball, Ball, Strike (swinging), Strike (looking), Ball, Foul, Single, [Player 7 advances to Third]01
Player 1Ball, Double, [Player 7 Scores], [Player 9 Scores]03
Player 2Ball, Foul, Ball, Strike (swinging), Wild Pitch 3rd Strike - Safe, [Player 1 advances to Third on Wild Pitch]03
Player 3Ball, Ball, Ball, Strike (looking), [Player 2 Caught Stealing], Strike (swinging), Foul, Ball, Walk03
Player 4Strike (looking), Ball, Foul, Ball, Ball, Fly out03
Top of inning 10
#13 Ryan Shalkevich#13 Ryan Shalkevich replaces #9 Nolan Stoll on offense, Strike (looking), Strike (looking), Foul, Foul, Foul, Ground out03
#7 Mikey MurrBall, Ball, Ball, Strike (looking), Strike (swinging), Ball, Walk03
#13 Ashton Tsukashima#13 Ashton Tsukashima replaces #33 Matthew Lloyd on offense, Ball, [#7 Mikey Murr advances to Second on Wild Pitch], Ball, Strike (swinging), Strike (looking), Dropped 3rd Strike - Thrown Out, [#7 Mikey Murr advances to Third on Wild Pitch]03
#18 Ryan Oh#18 Ryan Oh replaces #10 Hunter Manning on offense, Ball, Ball, Ball, [#7 Mikey Murr Scores on Wild Pitch], Strike (looking), Foul, Strikeout Swinging13
Bottom of inning 10
Player 5#9 Shane Buchbinder replaces #22 Ben Cushnie as Pitcher, #44 Bret Potter replaces #9 Nolan Stoll as Catcher, #25 Brett Ishikawa replaces #12 Landon Hu as Shortstop, Ball, Strike (looking), Ball, Line Drive13
Player 6Ball, Single13
Player 7Ground out13
Player 8Ball, Strike (looking), Reach on Error, [Player 6 Tagged Out at Home]13
Top of inning 11
#44 Bret PotterFly out13
#12 Landon HuBall, Strike (looking), Single13
#23 Josef BroscheSingle, [#12 Landon Hu advances to Second]13
#27 Aidan BuntichBall, Foul, Ball, Ball, Strike (swinging), Strikeout Looking13
#25 Brett IshikawaStrike (looking), Ball, Strike (looking), Ground out13
Bottom of inning 11
Player 9#27 Aidan Buntich replaces #7 Mikey Murr as First Baseman, #12 Landon Hu replaces #33 Matthew Lloyd as Second Baseman, Bunt Single13
Player 1Ball, Pickoff Attempt, Ball, Pickoff Attempt, Foul, Pickoff Attempt, Pickoff Attempt, [Player 9 Caught Stealing], Strike (looking), Single13
Player 2Ground out, Double Play13
Top of inning 12
#13 Ryan ShalkevichFoul, Ball, Ground out13
#7 Mikey MurrFoul, Foul, Ball, Strikeout Swinging13
#13 Ashton TsukashimaFoul, Strike (looking), Foul, Ball, Fly out13
Bottom of inning 12
Player 3#7 Mikey Murr replaces #13 Ryan Shalkevich as Left Fielder, Strike (looking), Fly out13
Player 4Foul, Foul, Strikeout Looking13
Player 5Ball, Fly out13

Visitor FieldingInning
#23 Josef Brosche3B3B3B3B3B3B3B3B3B3B3B3B-
#27 Aidan Buntich1B1B1B1B1B1B1B---1B1B-
#25 Brett Ishikawa2B2B2B2B2B2B2B--SSSSSS-
#9 Nolan StollCCCCCCCCC----
#33 Matthew LloydLFLFLFLFLFLFLF2B2B2B---
#55 Jackson BanuelosPPPP---------
#9 Shane Buchbinder---------PPP-
#22 Ben Cushnie-------PP----
Ty DePerno-------------
#99 Andrew Greenberg----PPP------
#18 Ryan Oh-------RFCFCFCFCF-
#13 Ryan Shalkevich-------LFLFLFLF--
#13 Ashton Tsukashima--------RFRFRFRF-
Zach Wyre-------------
#66 Logan Berkowitz-------------
#27 Jaiden Chathle-------------
Home FieldingInning
Player 1-------------
Player 2-------------
Player 3-------------
Player 4-------------
Player 5-------------
Player 6-------------
Player 7-------------
Player 8-------------
Player 9-------------
Player 10-------------
Player 11-------------
Player 12-------------