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11/4/17 Ranchers Fall 17-18 at Thousand Oaks
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Top of inning 1
#11 Garrett MonheimStrike (swinging), Foul, Ball, Ball, Ball, Strikeout Looking00
#42 Will ChambersBall, Strike (swinging), Strike (swinging), Ball, Foul, Fly out00
#66 Christos StefanosStrike (looking), Strike (swinging), Ball, Strikeout Swinging00
Bottom of inning 1
Player 1Ball, Strike (looking), Strike (swinging), Ball, Foul, Dropped 3rd Strike - Thrown Out00
Player 2Ground out00
Player 3Ground out00
Top of inning 2
#49 Justin BumgarnerStrike (looking), Fly out00
#8 Ryan FarrFoul, Single00
#40 Sam CallanBall, Foul, Strike (swinging), Foul, Ball, Strikeout Looking00
#32 Ryan PerezBall, Ball, [#8 Ryan Farr Caught Stealing]00
Bottom of inning 2
Player 4Ball, Strike (swinging), Ball, Triple00
Player 5Ball, Strike (looking), Fly out00
Player 6Ball, Ground out00
Player 7Strike (looking), Ball, Ball, [Player 4 Scores on Wild Pitch], Strike (looking), Strikeout Swinging01
Top of inning 3
#32 Ryan PerezStrike (looking), Hit by Pitch01
#41 Justin StadtBall, Sacrifice Bunt - Safe on Error, [#32 Ryan Perez advances to Third on error by Pitcher ]01
#58 Max CoganReached on Fielder Choice, [#32 Ryan Perez Tagged Out at Home], [#41 Justin Stadt Tagged Out at Second]01
#11 Garrett MonheimStrike (swinging), Strike (swinging), Ball, [#58 Max Cogan Caught Stealing]01
Bottom of inning 3
Player 8Ball, Ball, Strike (swinging), Foul, Ball, Fly out01
Player 9Foul, Strike (swinging), Ball, Strikeout Looking01
Player 1Strike (looking), Ball, Ball, Strike (swinging), Foul, Ball, Ball, Walk01
Player 2Ground out01
Top of inning 4
#11 Garrett MonheimPlayer 10 becomes Pitcher, Strike (looking), Strike (looking), Ground out01
#42 Will ChambersStrike (looking), Ball, Ball, Ball, Ball, Walk01
#66 Christos StefanosStrike (looking), Foul, Ball, [#42 Will Chambers advances to Second on Wild Pitch], Ball, Ball, Ball, Walk01
#49 Justin BumgarnerBall, Ground out, Double Play01
Bottom of inning 4
Player 3#62 Trent Bird replaces #59 JD Callahan as Pitcher, Ball, Ball, Ball, Ball, Walk01
Player 4Strike (looking), Pickoff Attempt, Pickoff Attempt, Strike (looking), Pickoff Attempt, Ball, Pickoff Attempt, Pickoff Attempt, Ball, [Player 3 steals Second], Fly out01
Player 5Strike (looking), Strike (looking), Strikeout Swinging01
Player 6Strike (looking), Ball, Line Drive01
Top of inning 5
#8 Ryan FarrBall, Ball, Strike (swinging), Strike (looking), Strikeout Swinging01
#40 Sam CallanBall, Single01
#32 Ryan PerezFoul, Ball, Foul, Strikeout Swinging01
#41 Justin Stadt[#40 Sam Callan Caught Stealing]01
Bottom of inning 5
Player 7#41 Justin Stadt replaces #66 Christos Stefanos as Catcher, #8 Ryan Farr replaces #40 Sam Callan as Second Baseman, #40 Sam Callan replaces #41 Justin Stadt as Third Baseman, #66 Christos Stefanos replaces #8 Ryan Farr as Shortstop, #58 Max Cogan replaces #32 Ryan Perez as Left Fielder, Ball, Foul, Foul, Ball, Ball, Ground out01
Player 8Ground out01
Player 9Ball, Strike (swinging), Ball, Strike (looking), Single01
Player 1Strike (looking), Ball, Ball, Bunt Single, [Player 9 advances to Second]01
Player 2Strike (looking), Pickoff Attempt, Ball, Fly out01
Top of inning 6
#41 Justin StadtStrike (looking), Strike (swinging), Ball, Ball, Ball, Foul, Foul, Foul, Single01
#58 Max CoganBall, [#41 Justin Stadt advances to Second on Wild Pitch], Foul, Foul, Reached on Fielder Choice, [#41 Justin Stadt Tagged Out at Third]01
#11 Garrett MonheimTriple, [#58 Max Cogan Scores]11
#42 Will ChambersBall, Pickoff Attempt, Ball, Strike (looking), Homerun!, [#11 Garrett Monheim Scores]31
#66 Christos StefanosFoul, Ball, Ball, Strike (swinging), Foul, Foul, Strikeout Swinging31
#49 Justin BumgarnerStrike (looking), Ball, Ball, Foul, Ball, Strikeout Swinging31
Bottom of inning 6
Player 3Homerun!32
Player 4Ball, Ball, Double32
Player 5Foul, Bunt Single, [Player 4 advances to Third]32
Player 6#22 Vincent Rojas replaces #62 Trent Bird as Pitcher, Ball, Fly out32
Player 7Ball, [Player 5 steals Second], Ball, Ball, Strike (looking), Hit by Pitch32
Player 8Ball, Strike (looking), Foul, Strikeout Swinging32
Player 9Strike (swinging), Strike (looking), Foul, Ball, Strikeout Looking32
Top of inning 7
#8 Ryan FarrFoul, Ball, Ball, Ball, Strike (looking), Foul, Single32
#40 Sam CallanBall, [#8 Ryan Farr Caught Stealing], Strike (looking), Ball, Fly out32
#32 Ryan PerezBall, Ball, Strike (looking), Ball, Fly out32
Bottom of inning 7
Player 1Strike (looking), Ball, Ball, Strike (looking), Ball, Ball, Walk32
Player 2Pickoff Attempt, Pickoff Attempt, Ball, Sacrifice Bunt - Safe on Error, [Player 1 Scores on error by Third Baseman #40 Sam Callan], [Player 2 advances to Third on error by Third Baseman #40 Sam Callan]33
Player 3Ball, Ball, Ball, Intentional Walk33
Player 4Ground out, [Player 3 advances to Second]33
Player 5Ball, Reached on Fielder Choice, [Player 2 Tagged Out at Home], [Player 3 advances to Third]33
Player 6Ball, [Player 5 advances to Second on Defensive Indifference], Ball, Foul, Ball, Ball, Walk33
Player 7Strike (looking), Ball, [Player 3 Scores on Wild Pitch], [Player 5 advances to Second on the throw], [Player 6 advances to First on the throw]34

Visitor FieldingInning
#11 Garrett MonheimCFCFCFCFCFCFCF
#42 Will Chambers1B1B1B1B1B1B1B
#66 Christos StefanosCCCCSSSSSS
#49 Justin BumgarnerRFRFRFRFRFRFRF
#8 Ryan FarrSSSSSSSS2B2B2B
#40 Sam Callan2B2B2B2B3B3B3B
#32 Ryan PerezLFLFLFLF---
#41 Justin Stadt3B3B3B3BCCC
#59 JD CallahanPPP----
#44 Alex Burge-------
#35 Nicholas Balingit-------
#62 Trent Bird---PPP-
Jovan Camacho-------
Ryan Camacho-------
Nikko Clarke-------
#33 Brenden Fisher-------
#33 Chris Freeman-------
#31 Evan Gellatly-------
#56 Connor Harrison-------
#34 David Montalban-------
#30 Cade Nicol-------
#16 Nicholas Perez-------
#22 Vincent Rojas-----PP
#23 Garrett Snavley-------
Ryan Tucker-------
#18 Trey Topping-------
Home FieldingInning
Player 1-------
Player 2-------
Player 3-------
Player 4-------
Player 5-------
Player 6-------
Player 7-------
Player 8-------
Player 9-------
Player 10---PPPP
Player 11-------
Player 12-------